These are the effective measures which will help in keeping your family safe from toxic gases such a carbon monoxide.

Installation of gas appliances

You should hire a qualified engineer to do the installation and servicing of the various gas appliances in your home. This is helpful in reducing all the risks associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. This is an incredibly dangerous gas which can lead to death. This is a gas which cannot be detected by smelling, seeing and tasting. Other professionals who can help you in doing the installation include boiler engineers. These are highly trained professionals who can help you in monitoring your heating systems. Below are some of the effective gas safety tips which should be observed

Checking your various gases appliances regularly

All your gas appliances should be checked by a qualified professional on a regular basis. There are some gas companies which can help you in checking your appliances to ensure that they are working within the set standard pressures. These people will also help in detecting and repairing any leakages from your gas pipes and other appliances. Repair of the leaking gas pipes will also be beneficial in reducing the utility bills.

Hiring or working with a Registered Gas Engineer

There is a law which prohibits anyone who is not registered  from doing work on gas pipes and other gas appliances . It is, therefore, the responsibility of the home owner to ensure that the hired engineer is registered. In fact, there is a website which has a list of the entire registered gas engineer. Again it is important to note that there different types of registration. Some are meant to work on the pipework while others are qualified to do the installation on the gas fire.

You should know the various symptoms associated with gas poisoning

This can help you in saving lives by preventing prolonged or severe exposure to gases. The following are some of the major symptoms of gas poisoning: Breathlessness, headaches, nausea, loss of consciousness or collapse and dizziness.

Taking action after suspecting carbon monoxide poisoning

There are some healthy precautions which should be taken once there are some suspected cases of gas poisoning. They include:

  • Leaving the house immediately
  • Extinguishing naked flames
  • Calling the available emergency helpline
  • Seeking medication attention immediately or going to hospital
  • Turning off your gas appliances as well as the gas meters
    Getting fresh air immediately

Checking for the warning signs provided on the appliances’ manuals

This will help you in determining if your appliance is working properly. These warnings include:

  • Check the colour of the flame produced by the gas cooker. The cooker should be checked when it produces

an orange or lazy yellow flame

  • Increased levels of condensation inside the windows