Symptoms Of Natural Gas Exposure

Exposure to natural gas can occur when there is a leakage in the pipes, appliances and heating symptoms. Natural is known for containing chemicals such as methane, propane, butane, ethane and carbon monoxide. This is a colourless and odourless gas. This makes it difficult to detect this gas. Most of the manufacturers often add a “rotten smell” to make its detection easier. Exposure to natural gas can lead to adverse health effects. Incompletely burnt gases can release a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and this can be very dangerous.

Some of the common symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning are Tiredness, headache, stomach or chest pain, vision problems, dizziness and nausea, loss of control which affects the muscles. Death can also occur in severe cases. Poisoning caused by carbon monoxide can be deadly. Continued exposure can lead to a pink skin and bright red lips. The following are some of the major symptoms associated with exposure to natural gas.

Low-level exposure

Small gas leaks can be extremely difficult to detect. Such exposure can lead to mild headaches. It is also characterized by a feeling of breathiness, especially during physical activities. However, you should note that breathiness and headaches can also be caused by other issues such as illness and allergies. It is advisable to have your pipes, and natural gas appliances checked for leakages when you find some of your family members suffering from a continuous mild headache.

high-level exposure

This can lead to flu-like symptoms such as severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and tiredness. You will find victims suffering from prolonged gas exposure appearing confused. These people will have difficulties when remembering things. They might also have some problems when coordinating their physical activities or even become irritable sometimes. You are supposed to have all your gas appliances checked just in case you have some of your family members suffering from these symptoms. Additionally, you should also look for a temporary residence until all the repairs are made.

Prolonged or severe exposure

This can lead to high concentrations of the dangerous gases. This can lead to loss of consciousness on the affected victim. Loss of consciousness caused by the gas leak is one of the most dangerous health conditions. The carbon monoxide gas produced by the natural gas and other sources is known for reducing the amount of oxygen absorbed into your bloodstream. This can lead to severe damage to the internal tissues and organs. Death can also occur.